Tuesday, February 10, 2009

45 spot Dalmatians, Lion German shepherd and Lion Poms

Every Sunday anyone who is interested in buying a dog or like to see what is available around goes through the ‘Sunday Classifieds - Kennel Notices’. Every Sunday you see the same types of breeds advertised. Some of the names mentioned are so shocking and sometimes funny that you begin to wonder if these are new breeds of some exotic cross.

These names have been going around for so long that they have become firmly imprinted in the minds of the readers that they are convinced that these are some breeds. One of the most common is the Lion German Shepherd Dog. There are also other variations such as big boned puppies, Black Alsatians. Another type is the lion pom.
Where these breeds have come form heaven knows. There are people I have me who sware that this is German Shepherd and not an Alsatian. Or if it is the big boned type.
I met another who had been sold a ‘short faced’ Rottweiler from a puppy farmer in Kandana. But the most hilarious of descriptions given was that of the Dalmatian. Here it was said that the dog should have 39 spot while another swore it had to be 45. Who has heard of a Harley Quin Great Dane ?

When I inquired as to who had said that to which they replied it was the Vet who had said it. It shocking that now some vets should start interpreting breed standards and going further to write them as well. When a dog with some genetic deformity is taken the owner is told that this could be corrected with this supplement or the other or the last story is the ‘tiled floor syndrome’.

This is the sad state of the country to day that people do not do what they are supposed to do. The kennel clubs that should control these fallacies are mum. So the Vets and puppy farmers are writing their own breed standards. With the completion between the clubs it seems the only thing important is to increase the number of registration and steal the march on the other. As a result the puppy farmers are having a field day. This is not to say what happens to the standard of the breeds.

When you read the ads another fact you notice is the types of crosses they advertise. Last Sunday’s paper had a Basset Hawk cross ! If this is a genetic modification I do not know. Here the danger is that certain combination of breeds bring out very dangerous animals.
Every breed has a very unique nature. You cannot mix them up like you mix paint and get the shade you want. Today I heard of a man who wanted to cross a French bulldog with a Pomeranian and was trying to imagine what the puppies will look like.

Here the club should scrutinize every registration that comes in. Before accepting why cannot the litters be visited and checked. Why are the parents not checked for soundness before being bred?

A good example was the Golden Retriever which was set upon the Lab at the show. True many had seen the dog being tormented by the handler through out the day. But that dog apparently had a biting problem. How many times have judges being bitten in the shows held here?

A lot of people pay a lot of good money to buy dogs. The only assurance they have is that the dog is pedigreed. Form this they believe that they have a dog conforming to every aspect of the breed. They have a right to expect this they have paid for a pedigreed dog.

Sometime ago a lot Belgian shepherds were brought here and sold as black Alsatians. Where did these pedigrees come from? Who checked these? The people who bought these dogs go on breeding from them as they have a justifiable right to do with their pedigreed dog. Who looks after the interest of the public who have held up to cheated? Obviously no one has. To do this type of thing the committees should be committed totally to the improvement of the breeds here. You cannot have interests in commercial breeding and sit on such a board. The very purpose of the dog shows is for the breeders to display their stock and select the best ones for future breeding programs. Sometimes we see the same dogs being brought by the same owners over and over again. It is so pathetic that some of these dogs look older than the owners who drag them around. Once you win, get a champion retire gracefully. Don’t try to hog the ring and look pathetic. Above all don’t make the dog cut a sorry figure. After all this is supposed to be a show for the gentle folk.

Every time you see an advertisement of this sort one may laugh at the English and turn the page. But the joke is on us. We have held up to cheated once again by people who sell these dogs who do not know much better. Who is to blame the puppy farmer who sell the pups or the clubs that allow this to happen and leave the public to preyed upon by these puppy farmers.


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  4. Dear Mr. Chanaka,

    reading your article was very interesting. having dobermann's purely as pets, i was looking for a german shepard and have to agree that it has just become a commercial venture where ultimately the person buying a dog is fleeced. in my opinion the failure is totally on the Kennal Clubs for the lax attitude. As always wrong people in the wrong place..one can only hope that one day that these "clubs" will do the job there are supposed to do.

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    1. I am sorry for not replying earlier. You can email me at chanakyadesilva@gmaml.com, and send me you your mobile no.

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  10. Hi, I know german shepherd (GSD) , but only heard the word lion german shepherd in sri lanka. Is it a type of GSD breed in Sri Lanka only?

    While searching on google it seems international people finds lion GSD as something new... can any one tell what is the difference between GSD and lion GSD

    1. Sorry, I meant to say it's only found in India and Sri Lanka.